Part 3. Jumped by crackheads

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you the story, but thank goodness for phones.  

November 24th, 2019 is the day, actually night I should say where this story takes place. It’s been just over two weeks since my Ex had broken up with me, and things were believe it or not actually beginning to feel better. I had accepted the reality that my life was different now, and as I had mentioned before, change is incredibly difficult for anyone when it hits you unexpectedly. Of course I was still fresh in my emotions, but now that I look back, it didn’t feel as painful back then as it does now. Maybe because my Ex and I were still checking on one another, helping smoothen the process of this change. I even had planned a solo trip on the 5th of December to Austin, Texas in hopes of keeping my mind occupied with things other than the breakup.

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Part 2. Intro to Heartbreak

One of the worst parts of having ADHD is holding on to what you think know is a great idea, and poof! It simply disappears, only to be replaced by something as random as the moment I accidentally sneezed and farted at the same time in 5th grade (it was my second day). Another horrible result of ADHD is simply overthinking, over analyzing, and over processing any situation.  When you experience something like Heartbreak, and your mind works as mine does….its simply torture. 

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Part 1. Introduction to heartbreak

When I hear the word Heartbreak, I feel like; I alone am the only one who knows how it feels. Of course that not true in any way, but that’s honestly what it feels like. Maybe it feels that way because we believe that our love was unique, special, and shared. Life in the blink of an eye literally just changes, and the pain of reality sets in fast, and that pain makes itself right at home within you. Unless you’ve truly experienced being broken up with, its nearly impossible

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