The Power of “Can’t”.

Sooner or later, most of us who try to cope with depression feel so overwhelmed that all we can hold onto is: I just can’t do it. I can’t stop being depressed. I can’t stop it from coming back.

When “I can’t” comes rushing out, it feel like the response to an accusation. Sometimes, I feel the weight of other people’s expectations. “If you really wanted to get well, you could at least get up and get moving.” Sure, they don’t understand, they don’t get it. But I’m asking the same question of myself.

I’m answering my own accusation. “So why can’t you handle this? You’re a completely worthless weakling!” “But I just can’t!” is my only answer. I’ve internalized the stigma and prejudice and feebly try to respond. I don’t trust myself. What if I am faking this? What if I’m just afraid to face things? I know that isn’t true, but there’s the inner belief that I ought to be able to snap out of depression. But there’s nothing left to fight with. Everything deserts me: vitality, willpower, feelings, the ability to think clearly about getting well, to make choices, to take action. The inner drive to get well is replaced by the depressive drive to get worse or simply stagnate.

When I’m trying to cope in that condition, all I can do is to start where I am. Since I can’t do anything, just where would that starting point be? Depression gifts you with extraordinarily vivid, powerful, detailed memories of all your mistakes, failures, weaknesses, embarrassments. You have absolute clarity of mind for the negatives, and they build a case of shame and worthlessness. Severe depression, after all, really wants to destroy you, literally if possible. So it leaves you the mental and emotional equipment to undermine your life.

That’s what I’m obsessed with. At the same time, though, I’m aware that I’m tearing myself down. I see what I’m doing to myself, and another level of awareness opens up. I want to stop the depression. I really want to feel better. I may not be able to do much to end it, but I know I want to come alive again.

I need to vent…

I’ll try to keep this short, which shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve been in a foggy place lately, and I’ve had the hardest time concentrating on anything. I know and can feel that my mind is chemically unbalanced. Way more lows than highs lately. I don’t want to feel this way, this constant anxiousness just makes me uneasy and tense. Ive put this mask on for the sake of sparing the negativity often associated with how I feel. I’ve done this so long that I don’t know how I truly feel. Lately its been different, that gut dropping feeling has made a home of my stomach. The mask Itself feels odd and unfamiliar.

Sleep lately has been impossible! It’s almost as if my body forgot how to sleep. A perfect example is now; I’ve been up all night, and I maybe got 2-3 hours of sleep the day prior. Im exhausted, my eyes burn, and my concentration is shot. Despite how I feel, I cannot fall asleep. Trying to view my thoughts in the form of words as I lay here hoping to find myself in them. I just need a hug, a good hug.