A little about me and what I’m doing

Old soul with a complicated mind

Do you ever find yourself just staring at a text box, just wondering how in the world you’re supposed to describe yourself? If you do, then we’re on the same page. For starters, I’m Jesse. I’m the oldest of three, Adrian is the middle one, and Briana is the youngest. If you know me already, Awesome! If not, nice to hypothetically meet you. I’m a 29 on the verge of 30 year old simple, single, laid back, ADHD riddled, over analyzing guy. Born in Texas, and I’ve lived most my life in the south west portion of the U.S. Now, I call Arizona home. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t really know how to explain who I am without writing a never ending Autobiography that’s completely out of order. Here, hopefully I can (with a little of your help) figure out a little more about “Me”. Maybe you’ll be able to relate, disagree, or understand what I post.

A photo of myself
Just a “Selfie”

Is my normal your normal? Really think about it. From Love, Heartbreak, Family, Friends, perspective of the world around me, and this journey we call life, I’ll express myself honestly and wholeheartedly. After all, I’m just a simple guy with too much on his mind. For those who don’t know me, well here’s a face to the name.

If you happen to know me

As it says in the header right there, If you know me from the real world, ask a question, share a story, or support my blog. Whatever the case is, glad you’re here and You’ll probably learn a few new things about me.



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