I need to vent…

I’ll try to keep this short, which shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve been in a foggy place lately, and I’ve had the hardest time concentrating on anything. I know and can feel that my mind is chemically unbalanced. Way more lows than highs lately. I don’t want to feel this way, this constant anxiousness just makes me uneasy and tense. Ive put this mask on for the sake of sparing the negativity often associated with how I feel. I’ve done this so long that I don’t know how I truly feel. Lately its been different, that gut dropping feeling has made a home of my stomach. The mask Itself feels odd and unfamiliar.

Sleep lately has been impossible! It’s almost as if my body forgot how to sleep. A perfect example is now; I’ve been up all night, and I maybe got 2-3 hours of sleep the day prior. Im exhausted, my eyes burn, and my concentration is shot. Despite how I feel, I cannot fall asleep. Trying to view my thoughts in the form of words as I lay here hoping to find myself in them. I just need a hug, a good hug.

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