Cancer: Part 1- An Unusual Issue

Warning, this post may be graphic to some readers

It’s funny, I have a horrible short term memory but an excellent long term one. “Excellent” in my view because you only know what you know, you know? I won’t go into what I do as a career, well not yet. I had just accepted a new job offer in the field I had been trying to land in for years. This was a goal I could cross off post relationship, which is a big deal considering nine times out of ten, things turned a 180.

The date is March 9th, 2020 and tomorrow is the start of my new Job. I’m excited, yet nervous; but over all grateful to find a job at a time where most were losing theirs’, or on furlough due to the Pandemic. Things are beginning to fall into place finally. The next big thing is buying a “New”(to me) car after the Hit and Run I experienced two months prior. Like my elderly peers, I woke up and began my morning routine of coffee, breakfast, and reading the news. The news was plagued by the same thing reeking havoc on humanity, COVID-19 everywhere you turned regardless of story.

Midway though the day, I began feeling off. Off in the sense of balance, oddly sore, and just lethargic. I had a thermometer, but it had seen better days and was always off. I could feel a fever approaching, I began to panic a little thinking that I may have caught COVID-19. I walked over to a local store looking for a new thermometer only to realize that I had a better chance of finding a roll of Toilet Paper. After my failed attempt of finding a thermometer, I began feeling some pretty severe back pain. I begin heading to my restroom where halfway, I feel an extremely sharp pain radiate throughout my body and fall to floor in agony. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing my Life Alert.

Last sentence in the paragraph is obviously a joke, but I was truly laying on the floor in pain. I want sure if my spleen had torn or ruptured or if I contorted my back somehow. I suddenly feel an unusual amount of pressure building, almost like having to urinate but different. I slowly make my way to the restroom, and find the strength to pull my self up. I’m standing over the toilet, and attempt to urinate without falling over. Nothing is happening besides the build up of pressure and intense sharp pain, I had never experienced anything like this at all. The simple fact that I could not urinate despite the intense need to set me in a panic. As I stood there, one hand on the counter holding me up while the other was pressed against the wall, I felt a strange but incredibly painful movement. A few seconds later a small stream of blood and other things that shouldn’t be in urine appeared…(to be continued 01/19/2022)

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