I once had,

I once had a mind of Quicksand, 
That dragged ideas into its depths, 
Inhaling specks of sunlight, 
Every time I drew a breaths, 
Bit the worlds thought me a hazard, 
When every word I spoke, I meant, 
So around me they put up caution, 
And filled me with cement.

I once had a mind of tree roots, 
Using the lack of light to thrive, 
Discovering it’s in darkness, 
That we learn to feel alive, 
But the world thought me too tangled, 
That my mind reached far too wide, 
So they ripped me from the earth, 
Where constant sunlight left me dried.

I once had a mind of storm clouds, 
with every lesson I grew tall, 
Until I’d finally seen enough, 
To let my observations fall, 
But the world trapped them in buckets, 
Before they could taste them on their tongue, 
For surely minds are shallow, 
When they belong to someone young.
-Erin Hanson


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