Part 3. Jumped by crackheads

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you the story, but thank goodness for phones.  

November 24th, 2019 is the day, actually night I should say where this story takes place. It’s been just over two weeks since my Ex had broken up with me, and things were believe it or not actually beginning to feel better. I had accepted the reality that my life was different now, and as I had mentioned before, change is incredibly difficult for anyone when it hits you unexpectedly. Of course I was still fresh in my emotions, but now that I look back, it didn’t feel as painful back then as it does now. Maybe because my Ex and I were still checking on one another, helping smoothen the process of this change. I even had planned a solo trip on the 5th of December to Austin, Texas in hopes of keeping my mind occupied with things other than the breakup.

I was heading to the waffle house near interstate I-19 to grab something to eat. I had just helped my sister with moving some stuff around her house, and waffle house was along the way. Now where this waffle house is located is not particularly the safest place to be night, but since I’ve lived in Tucson, I hadn’t ever experienced any “Real” danger. I decided to park next to a light tower in the Motel 8 parking lot, which was next door to the waffle house. I locked my car and started walking maybe 30 feet before I noticed two silhouetted figures by a dumpster. Keep in mind that the time is somewhere between nine and ten. I was walking towards an opening in the fence and bush that connected both parking lots. After seeing the two figures, I decided to take a left so I would end up on the sidewalk where there was more light. As soon as turned my body left, I felt a quick, strong, unexpected impact. As that happened, those two figures by the dumpster began running towards me. I quickly formed my center of gravity, and took a breath.

In front of me were three skinny, dirty, scabby crackheads. I knew how to defend myself from a young age thanks to my dad, sports, and my (unhuman strong) brother Adrian. As soon as my footing was in place, all three rushed at me punching, kneeing, kicking, and attempted to get me to the ground. Have you ever been hit in the head, and you see that white flash? I began swinging and punching back, knowing I was connecting. As the fighting continued, I began to notice they were trying to get into my pockets while they were still attempting to get me to the ground. At that moment, I realized I had my gun concealed on my right hip. I knew if they found it and got a hold of it, I would be done. I somehow managed to put about a two foot distance between myself and the crackheads, pulled out my pistol, and yelled “Get the F#c% Back!”. As soon as I had finished the word “Get“, they were all running with their backs facing me. No shots fired thankfully, and most importantly they were gone. This whole situation lasted maybe 40 seconds, but felt so much longer. I went inside the waffle house and the staff looked at me as if I had just rose from the dead. I asked if they had cameras, but as luck would have it, they weren’t working. Someone had already called 911, but I didn’t want to make a bigger scene and Ambulance rides are EXPENSIVE. My friend lived maybe two miles from the waffle house, so I drove there hoping I could clean myself up, and get her opinion on if I should go to the hospital or not. My adrenaline has worn off, and I’m feeling everything now. I get to my friends house, and right away she tells me to go to a hospital. She was nice enough to drive me and wait while I got checked out.

I spent about six or seven hours in the hospital and was lucky no major damage was done, aside from my pride. I had a slight fracture in my right hand, some head contusions, and a pretty large fat lip. My friend offered to let me stay over the rest of what little night was left to sleep it off. I was beyond thankful for the help. Little did I know this would be the start of snowball rolling downhill that would gain nothing but momentum.


    1. Thank you for the kind comment. It’s unfortunate I had to draw my weapon in the first place, but grateful to show restraint.



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