Part 2. Intro to Heartbreak

One of the most overused phrases or advice I was given in the gearly stages of my breakup was that “Time heals all”. Sure, time moves as you perceive it.  Time after all is a construct.  Each second that passed was tortuous, and each second to come was anxiety fuelled and unbearable. It’s been over two years since the break up and at times it still feels that way.  I have my good share of good and bad days, and while I overwhelmingly embrace the good days, the bad days or even moments have a way of sneaking up on you.  

Heartbreak and this whole category of post will start to make sense soon.  I’ve had to be careful on how I construct what I’ve experienced the last two years, because trust me, a lot of it is unbelievable.  The series of events that followed truly pushed my limits and surpassed them with ease. I’ll be sure to post entries on these as well as some photos for the naysayers.

  •  I was attacked by three Crackheads while they attempted to “Rob” me.  Landed in the hospital. 
  • Was hit by a drunk driver, totaled my car, the driver fled the scene of course. 
  • I began experiencing bladder and kidney infections monthly (Never had them prior)
  • Diagnosed with bladder cancer

Worst of all was not being able to see how my ex was doing. She worked in the medical field and I knew the area she worked was directly with COVID patients. This was in the beginning of the pandemic and not much was known.  How badly I just wanted to see how she was doing mentally, and hoping her and her family were all doing okay.  I mentioned this in another post where I consider myself an old soul.  I read and watch the news daily, and it was always a constant flow of stories regarding medical workers and their struggle.  It killed me knowing if I were to send a text message, it would be days before I would receive a response.  My ADHD is working in overdrive wondering to myself “why do I worry or have this much concern for someone who obviously doesn’t care?”.  Now I can’t speak for what’s going on in her mind, I can only fill in the gaps. Her silence was the loudest answer, and it was her silence that broke me 


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