Part 1. Introduction to heartbreak

When I hear the word Heartbreak, I feel like; I alone am the only one who knows how it feels. Of course that not true in any way, but that’s honestly what it feels like. Maybe it feels that way because we believe that our love was unique, special, and shared. Life in the blink of an eye literally just changes, and the pain of reality sets in fast, and that pain makes itself right at home within you. Unless you’ve truly experienced being broken up with, its nearly impossible

to explain. You may have had relationships in high school, college, those small sections of time you spent with someone you cared for or even loved. I know I did, yet that still didn’t prepare me for the full impact of a broken heart.

“I had completely underestimated the pain of true heartbreak.”


Having your heart broken can be and may be one of the most turbulent experiences you’ll go through, especially if your a man. Time after time in movies and shows, when couples break up, what do you usually see? You see the girl moping around, crying in bed with a tub of ice cream eating her feelings away. On the other hand, you see the guy who may be sad for a bit having the time of his life with his “boys” and his new status of being single. Who breaks up with who plays a part, but what’s projected to us doesn’t really. As boys, especially in the time I grew up, we were told that boys were supposed to be tough, not to cry, dust it off and move on. I don’t see that as much now, but maybe that’s due to the point of time in my life. November 9th 2019 was single handedly THE worst day of my life. What I would do just to turn the clock of time to be naïve to the pain. Four years and two months gone, because to my ex, I simply don’t exist. The person I love(d) no longer exist.


  1. It’s a process. It will run its course. Just let it be and move on. If it’s meant to be it will happen. If not, you’ll meet your soulmate. Prepare yourself for a better experience. But first, get over the bitter one. All the best 👍🏼

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