New Year, New Me?

Why do we wait for the end of the year to make changes to our lifestyle? It’s almost like were all stuck in some sort of time loop where event and sayings often repeat themselves.

“New Year, New Me! Hello New Year” Everyone
  • Be more outgoing
  • learn a new word daily
  • Finally learn Spanish
  • Learn to Dance
  • Lose Weight
  • Gain Weight
  • blah blah blah

Truth be told, I think the only one I accomplished was the lose weight part. Right after high school I gained what people call The Freshman Fifteen…for me it was more along the lines of The Freshman Fifty. With sports gone, and A LOT of free time I gained weight like crazy. It wasn’t until my brutally honest grandfather called me obese that I made the change. It just may have been a coincidence that the change happened right around the corner of New Years.

Moral of the story, listen to your Grandparents

A comfort zone is a wonderful and comfortable place to be, but nothing ever grows there

Gina Milicia

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