The early years

Places I’ve lived, Family, and Growing up.

El Paso, Texas

When sharing the tub wasn’t a big deal

Throughout grade school, I was always the small kid. I was that kid regardless of the year who was always lined up in the front when it came to the class photo. If I can manage to find it, i’ll be sure to post it here! The first school I attended was Dr. Lawrence Nixon Elementary in my hometown of El Paso, Texas.

“Throughout Grade school, I moved around A LOT! 11 different schools throughout my K-12 years”

I was always aware of my height from a super young age, I suppose it was my first realization of what I would learn later as my main insecurity. To be honest though, I don’t remember ever being picked on or made fun of. My Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Foley (Yes, I remember) gave me my first nick name. Ms. Foley always called me “Jesse Bear”, which always reminded me of the Bernstein Bears. The nick name never really followed, but the moment she called me that, its a scene I can replay in my head as if it happened just yesterday. Kindergarten was odd now that I can look back. That first year of school seems to have been the longest and a year I can remember better than most. Probably because it was a year of complete first for not just me, but all of us. It’s where we form the basic foundations of our social skills and a small sense of “You”. I can still see the faces of my classmates, even after nearly 25 years. I can remember easily making friends, and even my first ever crush! My time in El Paso didn’t last too long though. My Stepdad just started a job with the Federal Government, which ment I would be starting 1st grade in the small coast side town of Lompoc, California.

Lompoc, California

When thinking of living in Lompoc, the first thing that comes to memory is the drive there. From El Paso to Lompoc was 12-14 hours on the road. It was just me and my stepdad (who I’ll refer to Dad from now on) driving in this big while U-Haul truck. Unrelated to the story, this is when I discovered my love of Classic Rock. Steve Miller Band and The Eagles are still at the top of my list today. Anywho, apparently it was just my dad and I because I was a non-stop talker, full of energy, and too smart for my own good. 1st grade was at Hapgood elementary. I arrived I want to say maybe a month into the school year, so I was really the “New” kid. On my very first day, there was this boy that sat directly across from me who was kicking the chair of a girl sitting either to my left or my right. The girl was telling the boy to stop and he continued kicking. Out of nowhere, I told the boy if he didn’t stop kicking her chair, I was going to kick his ass. The look of shock on his face that I had said the word “Ass” was the only thing it seemed he caught. The next thing I know, I’m pulling a yellow card in front of my green card for saying a “bad” word on my very first day. Of all the people to tattle on me, it was the girl who’s chair was getting kicked. The teacher spoke to my parents, but I don’t remember getting in trouble at all. As a matter of fact, I specifically remember eating Weinerschnitzel and my parents renting an old Godzilla movie from Blockbuster.

I was in Lompoc the first time for about half a year before my mom was pregnant with my little sister. My dad stayed in Lompoc while my brother, my mom, my fetus sister, and me flew back to El Paso. Here I started 1st grade again at my old school, living with my Grandparents. After my sister was born, back to Lompoc we all went…Plus one. My sister and I are a little over seven years apart, so growing up, we weren’t really as close. Not like my brother and I, who’s essentially my built in best friend. We are close now though!

Once again, I started school at a completely different school for 2nd grade. That lasted half a year before moving to Midland, Texas. In 2nd grade, this is where I noticed I was a procrastinator. Its where I can remember knowingly choosing not to do my work because I felt like I didn’t need to. Remember the space under your desk to put your books, binders, etc…? Mine was full of uncompleted assignments scrunched tight. Despite that, my grades were never an issue. To be completed soon …….

Midland, Texas

Coming Soon!

San Diego, California

Coming Soon!

Tucson, Arizona

Coming Soon!


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